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About Your Own Retirement

We don’t have to tell you that men and women are different, but nowhere are the differences more clear than in the areas of money and finance. That’s why our Woman's Worth® program is here. We focus on working with women. We understand the emotional and even the physical health issues that women face when dealing with finances, and we can help.

Our range of financial services is offered in the context of each unique, individual woman we serve. Sometimes you need just the facts. Sometimes you’ll want someone to rejoice with, and sometimes you may need a shoulder to cry on. You will find all that and more at Woman’s Worth®.

We invite you to explore the services described on this site and make use of the information we offer. But most importantly, just know that we’re here. We can give you a renewed outlook on the life of the complete woman: mind, body, soul—and pocketbook. Your Financial Independence Awaits®.

Susan Hickey

Susan L. Hickey, RICP, is an Insurance Professional/Retirement Lifestyle Coach at YourOwnRetirement, LLC. Susan helps guide her clients, many of whom are single women or female heads of households, on the many facets of planning for retirement. Because of her advocacy and industry experience, Susan combines numerous elements of retirement income planning through the use of insurance products, which include strategies for claiming Social Security benefits, Medicare costs, long-term care concerns as well as traditional income needs. She believes in a holistic approach to retirement, which includes wellness in health, spirit and finance. Regularly scheduled client meetings and constant attention to her clients set Susan’s approach apart from the norm. Her passion is utilizing insurance products to develop lifetime income strategies, which could benefits families for generations.

Susan holds her life and health insurance licenses, and has earned the distinguished Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation. Susan is married to David Hickey, CPCU, and is the mother of five children. Their continued success is a direct reflection on Susan’s ongoing support, love and dedication. When not engaged with clients or family, Susan is attending family sporting events or traveling to Haiti to work with her church’s partner orphanage. Closer to home, Susan supports many autism programs, including being an original supporter of Parents in Toto Autism Resource Center.