Classroom Donation Helps Kids Stay Focused

Sept. 10, 2016

Last fall, we were pleased to donate money to Mrs. Grandstaff’s classroom in Raeford, North Carolina, to help fund unique, kid-inspired seating. The comfortable and ergonomic Kore Wobble Chairs help students strengthen their core muscles and provide an outlet for restlessness.

Here’s how Mrs. Grandstaff describes her students and the need for creative classroom seating:

My students come to school each day full of energy and ready to learn! The students in my class are a large mixture of high-poverty and military families …

When a student walks into our school, they are free from other burdens or worries.

Many of my students come from homes where breakfast is not given until they walk through the front doors of the school. Some my students have a parent (or both parents) deployed for long periods of time. School provides these students with a sense of community.

… The [Kore Wobble] chairs that I have requested will have a direct impact on my students. It will give them the ability to stay active while they focus on learning in the classroom … The Kore Wobble stools will be an amazing option for student who focus best while moving!

Read more about Mrs. Grandstaff’s classroom here:



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